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About Us

Our Club

The Okanagan Club for Skiing, Sports and Socials emphasizes fun and the social aspect of skiing, sports, and everything else we do!  We promote an active lifestyle, support our local economy (and each other!), and organize fundraisers and benefits for local charities.  Our Club has meetings on the third Thursday of each month.  We call these meetings “Club Night.”  Of course with our emphasis on fun, Club Night is held at Rusty’s Steakhouse – a great local lounge/restaurant/pool hall where we can discuss upcoming events, have a few drinks, a bite to eat, and even shoot some pool!   Everyone is welcome to join us at Club Night, so we hope you’ll come and get in on the fun and laughter and meet some new friends.

There is quite an array of events that are organized by the Okanagan Club for Skiing, Sports and Socials.  Some of them are social events – like wine tours, movie nights, dinner parties, TGIF’s and dances – and others are sports-related.  The Okanagan Valley is known as a four-season playground for very good reasons!  The Club takes every opportunity to get its Members out to enjoy all the activities and beauty that living in the valley has to offer. 

One favourite summer activity for our Club Members is boating on the beautiful Okanagan Lake.  We get together for powerboat outings and have houseboat parties!  Some of the other fun things we do in the summer include going on camping trips, playing beach volleyball, bocce, and kayaking.  A lot of our Club Members also love to golf, and we organize a fun tournament to cap off each golf season.  Our tournaments are open to friends and family who want to come out and just have fun.

There is no shortage of beautiful hiking and biking trails throughout the valley.  We even have the world-famous Kettle Valley Railway to enjoy!  There is no better time than Autumn to get in touch with nature by hiking or biking on these scenic trails.  Our Members of all different fitness levels enjoy getting together to do just that!  We also look forward to our annual Halloween party which is usually attended by about 200 people!

In the Winter, we like to organize at least three weekend ski trips a year.   Our ski trips are very reasonable and provide fun for all participants – even those who don’t ski!   There are lots of mountain resort activities to enjoy on our trips which tend to be at Big White  – but trips to other ski hills can also be planned.  We are affiliated with other cities’ social clubs that invite us to join them on some of their ski weekends, and we invite them to join us on some of ours too.   Another popular winter activity for our Members is skating.  If you like to skate, you probably already know that Kelowna has one of the largest free outdoor skating rinks in the valley.  Why stay indoors just because it’s a bit chilly out?  Get together with  with some other brave Members, bundle up, head to Stuart Park, and strap on your skates to enjoy a leisurely (or invigorating!) skate.  Then you can warm up and have a nice visit with your friends over a piping hot cup of chocolate!

St. Padddy’s Day is a great time for Members to welcome the Spring!  A Spring Fling Dance is a great way to say goodbye to the cold and hello to the warmth of our Okanagan sunshine!  Easter is perfect for Members with kids or grandkids to get together for an egghunt. There are also garden tours to enjoy, and for the diehards, there are gyms and boot camps to sign up for together in a brave attempt to get ready for bathing suit season!!